Fraud happened to my account last month.
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Dear Verizon Wireless April 07, 2020
This is Brad King whose account has been having some unauthorized access into it on March 08, 2020 as I got the letter from you guys explaining all about it in details about what has happened to it without me being notified about it last month, as I sit here and read the letter about it from you guys, I wanna thank you so much for working on my account to remove any and all charges associated with the fraud incident, I sure do not know the unrelated person that did that to my account at all, I have some other things on my account that I need you all to look at and that is my bill amount for what it is at this particular moment right, the unrelated person that went in on my account had done also purchased accessories besides those iPhone 11 Pro Max on there, if you go on my account where it says orders then under current orders there is some accessories that was also ordered by the unrelated person, the following items was ordered on my account and it was not done by me, it was 4 of the AirPods (2nd Gen) with Charging Pads at $199.97 each and 2 sets of the AirPods Pro at $249.97 each, so those items listed on my account under orders was also purchased by the unrelated person, they was not ordered by me, and when they was purchased, they was added to my bill on my account and has made my bill for the month of March be so high, my bill for March is over $1,000.00, how about it is $1542.92, yes that is the amount of the bill, I want yall to also investigate into that part of unauthorized purchases that was made to my account and get that taken off of my bill as it is so high, and also the taxes for those iPhone 11 Pro Max was billed to my account on my bill to make it be so high as to what it is now, so please get that took care of for me, I want my bill to be back at an all normal amount that it suppose be per month. And the unrelated person who had gained entry into my account also had changed my data plan that I was on, it was changed from the shared data plan to an all unlimited plan that I know I did not change it to. I want yall to continue to work to prevent incidents such as to what had happened to my account, stay on top of your job. I sure do have questions about my account. I wanna thank you so much for investigating my account to see what had happened to it without me knowing before yall had sent me a letter about it, please work on taking those unauthorized purchases of those accessories off of my bill as that stuff has it so high as I speak about it and the taxes and other charges of those iPhone 11 Pro Max also, can I count on you guys to do that for me. I hope I can.
Brad King
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Re: Fraud happened to my account last month.
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We got your back, Brad. The last thing we want is fraudulent activity. We are happy to investigate those questionable charges.To do so, please give our Fraud team a ring at 888.483.7200 to have this investigation ticket opened. BrittanyC_VZW