G5 Contact Specific Notification Sounds Not Working

I just bought an LG G5 and set up individual notification sounds for multiple contacts. However, the default sound is still the only text noise I hear when getting messages. I managed to get the sound to work by switching from using the default Messenger+ to the plain Messaging app but once I open a text, all notification sounds for incoming texts return to the default again until I exit the app. Any idea how to use the personalized sounds in Messenger+? Or should I stick with Messaging? and why does the sound switch to default after I open a message? Can I fix it to keep using the personalized sound?

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Re: G5 Contact Specific Notification Sounds Not Working
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DLANADHZ106, let's get your text notifications working like you need them to. Did you have this custom notifications work for you before on your previous phone or your new LG G5? If so, when did this start happening? Have you updated any apps or device software recently?