G6 GPS / Google Play Services can't find my location

Since last week, my location apps (Google maps and my weather apps that apparently use google data) have me located about 100 miles away from where I and my phone are actually located.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled various updates to Maps, Google, Chrome, and my weather apps. No Change.

I have downloaded and installed an app called GPSFix from the Play Store. It shows three different locating systems:

1. Android GPS Provider

2. Android Network Provider

3. Google Play Services Provider

When I'm at home, 1 is correct and  3 is wrong by about 100 miles. At work, 1 is wrong (by about 500 meters) and 3 is correct. 2 remains unchanged and seems to be mostly correct.

What the heck is going on? And how do I resolve this problem?

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Re: G6 GPS / Google Play Services can't find my location
Customer Service Rep

We understand the importance to have accuracy when using maps and location services. We are happy to assist in any way possible. Is the software on your device completely up to date? Does it show the correct time on your device? Have you reset your device settings?