Galaxy 5
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Verizon will not hook up in my apartment.

No way no how.

I love Verizon but lag behind in technology.

Have to buy a router, or utilize my hot spot in accordance with my stinking Elippse8 kids tablet to get any wifi.

Purchased a chrome cast and my bill group cheap.

I should be able to advance with technology for what I pay.

Without wifi it stinks and is difficult.

To got the chrome cast up and running.

Now the stinking wifi on my phone keeps turning off and on!

What's the problem?

I go into settings and literally watch the on off button, turn on and off on its own!

Tried everything and couldn't wait for a tech via Verizon for two hours, I waited an hour last night.

Geez, every Google option and Verizon option given on the internet... I tried!

always something

Any help, please?

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Re: Galaxy 5
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Can I get an standard English translation, please?

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

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Did you try to go into settings-backup and reset- and then go to reset network settings ? This will at least clear the settings and for you to try and get it on to your network. Also go into Wifi-3dots on right hand top-advance and make sure that the keep wi-fi on during sleep is on always