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Galaxy Note Edge issues
Enthusiast - Level 1

Since VZW no longer supports email and talking to Customer service has proved fruitless. I have decided to post on here. About 3 months ago I started having an issue with the battery for my Galaxy Note Edge. Now keep in mind that I use my phone A LOT. I work two jobs so my phone is in use for 17-20 hours a day. I get email, stream music, send and receive text messages, the occasional phone call, lots of FB time and the ever popular Candy Crush soda. I work graveyard so I carry my phone charger with me just in case. I noticed my phone battery started dying much quicker than normal. It has gotten so bad that I cannot even  make it through a 6 hour shift without having to charge my phone. In the last 2 months my phone has started just shutting off once the battery gets to 30%. Like if I open up the internet when my battery is at 30% it will zap the battery down to 0% and the phone turns off. I am a pretty tech savvy girl so I tried to troubleshoot on my own. I deleted apps, turned the screen completely down, I even factory reset my phone. But alas, this did not help. When I called VZW to get assistance we did all the same troubleshooting including factory resetting my phone again. I forgot to mention that frequently my phone heats up while charging to the point where it gives me a message that it is "cooling down". During the reset my phone started to heat up, this time it was not even plugged in. The CSR advised me to take the phone into a store....who has the time for that? Finally my husband was able to get VZW to send me a new phone, but they didn't send a new battery even though they said they would. When we tried to get a new battery VZW told us that they don't have them in stock and they can't order one. Asurion was no help either. We called Samsung and they can't even order a new battery. Samsung said I could send my phone or the battery in for troubleshooting but the turn around time was going to be 7-15 business days not including the shipping time. We called VZW back to try and find a solution, one rep was dumb enough to suggest I try another battery from another phone. Really? How stupid can you be?? We called VZW again to see what they can do to help and the answer was NOTHING!! Their solution is for me to payout the $200 left in my contract before I can Edge up. Wouldn't the customer service thing to do is get me a new phone that they can actually service and carry the parts for?

I am so disgusted with VZW at this point.....we have spent so much money on devices and services that this just feels like a slap in the face.

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Re: Galaxy Note Edge issues
Champion - Level 3

Verizon (and I think most manufacturers) don't normally warranty removable batteries.  They shouldn't be tooo expensive to purchase a replacement battery.  Just be careful to not get some cheap knockoff... those tend to not work.  Then you'll at least know if it is the battery.

Re: Galaxy Note Edge issues
Champion - Level 1

AActually everything you have been told is true. Manufacturers don't normally warranty batteries due to the end users usage patterns. You already said how you use your phone. Next you don't say WHICH model Edge it is so if it's out of date it's out of date. Cell phone companies don't hold the warranty on phones; it's the manufacturer. So you can send it to Samsung, or find a battery on Amazon, eBay, etc. And why are you calling the reps names when they actually gave you great advice?!

Re: Galaxy Note Edge issues
Enthusiast - Level 1

Wondering why so expensive to upgrade to galaxy 7 edge. Especially when I was quoted a third cheaper from the rep. I bought one phone and got one free. They still have me on both my old plan and my new plan?? I just paid the last bill so it shouldn't even be prorated. Very confused?

Re: Galaxy Note Edge issues

the phone's almost 2 years old/ this the original battery??

batteries only get so many charge cycles & need to be replaced because they have a short cycle or get hot.

it might be time to get a new phone.