Getting Photos off my phone, Worked Verizon Got Greedy My Bill's the same but Services terrible those I

How am I supposed to get Photos off from my phone? You Took away my online Photo Album that was included in my Monthly Plan, And My Bill has not gotten Cheaper but everything in my plan I am paying for no longer works or is "NO LONGER OFFERED AT THIS TIME BY VERIZON" SO your taking my money every month and I am getting messed up every MONTH with Nothing to show for it [removed]

No Photo Albums, No Internet, An Unlimited Plan that the only thing that is Unlimited is you taking my money and giving me noting for it, less then nothing because you keep taking more and more of my plan away from me Month to Month great Job!!!! I am Paying You FOR AN UNLIMITED PACKAGE THAT DOES NOTHING AT ALL!!!!

So Have offered to Lower my Bill But not give me the Money you have stolen from me by taking away the services I paid for and you are not providing me.


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