Google 2FA SMS comming from non-usual phone#
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Hey everyone.  So I posted this on a Google forum ( but I wanted to get your guys take on it.

Today I went to log into my gmail account.  I have 2FA and google usually sends the confirmation text to my phone.  This usually comes from 22000 and has the Google logo.  This time however, it came from (833)-902-0111 (my Motorola G6 reported it as spam).  I looked up this number and found some concerning info from: which states it may be from a hacker.  What is more concerning is the identical confirmation code then came in from the 22000 Google number about 2 minutes later.  What is happening?  Someone else reported something similar:
The code worked and I checked my account info and changed my pw just in case.  Phone#'s did not changed in my Google account either.  Also, no new devices showing up in the google account so that is good.  And no new IP's I do not recognize.
I know one person responded to my Google post but I still feel a little bit un-nerved.
Do we know if this is legit?  Anyone here experience this too and have determined it was ok?  Or worse, determine it was not?
Thanks a bunch.