Google Destroyed my Phone


After a month of concerted effort in unlocking my obliterated Android phone and going round and round with Google, Verizon, and Kyocera I gave up for a while and got a cheap flip phone. Been using it and tried again today to unlock the Kyocera DuroForce Pro again to no avail.

I am planning on sending a certified letter to the big 3 above and copying certain senators to get these behemoths under control. It is unreasonable that I should be locked out of a phone that I paid for and own for 2 years. Maybe even 3. Losing track now. I had put the phone in my pocket believing I had locked the screen. When I had completed mowing the lawn and pulled the phone back out of my pocket the phone was locked or hard reset and the SD card where I stored all my important information was wiped and unrecoverable. Has anyone had a similar experience. I have a perfectly good phone that was destroyed by poorly conceive operating SW. In the mean time I have been paying Verizon for years for data that I am never able to use and they just keep stealing my money with NO remedy or offer to replace the phone. They are all helpless against Google. Weak and wimpy. No remedy. Am going to hire a lawyer it they can't fix this. It is my phone and I want it unlocked !

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Your issue has literally nothing to do with Verizon.

Re: Google Destroyed my Phone
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MAS9, we try our hardest to provide troubleshooting to our customers. Regrettably, VZW does not make the software or does not have anything to do with malfunctions that have happened. We definitely want to provide resolution to your problems, but we would not be able to fix why something like that locked you out of your phone & erased items. We can look at possible device replacement options & additionally make sure that you're on the best plan that fits your needs. I'm sending you a Private Note. Please respond to the Private Note to continue. AliciaD_VZW