Google contacts disappeared from phone and message apps

I just switched phones and had my contacts copied over but had to manually re-install all of the apps.  I have a Samsung A10e.  Initially, when I opened Message+ my contact names and numbers were displayed.  I'm not sure what happened, but now I only have phone numbers, with no names.  My phone app is missing all of my Google(Outlook) contacts.  I have checked all of the synch settings, uninstalled and reinstalled Google with no luck.  So frustrating - can anyone help?

Also, if anyone knows how to turn off the notification beeps in Facebook when I comment or someone else comments (I have show notifications but everything silent).

Last question, how do I get a Message or Message+ to pop up on the locked screen?  I thought I turned it on (and restarted my phone) but it doesn't seem to work like my previous Samsung.

Any help is appreciated!



Re: Google contacts disappeared from phone and message apps
Customer Service Rep

Hello, nimett1. With your contacts, did you make sure they were backed up before transferring to your new device? CourtneyM_VZW