Group Texts on S9
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I see some threads on this but not 'real' answers.   When I have group texts on my Samsung S9 and a person replies, I get a download box in the messaging app and have to click on the download to 'get' the message.   Does not matter if user is on android or apple - happens all the time.  Always has.  Makes me crazy.  I have set/ unset the group conversations setting - the one that says Send Messages as group conversations as default.    My auto download is on.    Nothing has worked.   A message comes in for a GROUP text and I have to click to download each one.   Please help!

Re: Group Texts on S9
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Katina29, making sure your group message is working properly is our priority. I will be more than happy to assist. Please share with me what software is running on your current device? Also, confirm for me do you have to download when receiving a picture message?