Group messages not always coming through

Group messages don’t seem to downloaded themselves most of the time. If I get a few messages to fast when Im group messaging it pretty much seems to screw everything up. Messages get stuck downloading themselves and fail and then I try downloading them hours later when it tells me it fails and fails again. Also sometimes when I send a message out to the group it goes to the group chat or sometimes it goes to each individual person don’t know why nothing’s changed in my settings.  Hopefully Verizon can help me out with this Ive tried different apps and all seem to do the same and they all have a big delay between when messages are sent and when they are received. Ive cleared my cached on the messaging app restarted the phone and just most of the basic stuff I can think of.

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Re: Group messages not always coming through
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group messaging is a great way to stay connected to the people we communicate to the most at one time, stuff4eddie. Based on the information that you provided, you use the service a lot. Our goal is to get your group messages working properly so you can continue to stay connected with multiple people at one time. Just to confirm, what messaging app are you using when communicating via group messaging? How much available memory do you have on your device? In some cases, the downloads can take more time depending on how much memory is available. If you can provide us with the details then we can troubleshoot together.

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