Been having issues with phone since a month after it was purchased. Doesn't power up correctly, cannot hold a charge, does not register Data or wifi, power buttons doesn't work properly. I think it is mighty sick that VZ customer service is more worried about VZ firing them than doing their jobs an helping a customer. Why do your tech guys/gals feel that they are limited to not helping resolve a problem or listening to a customer. Instead of doing their job, the reps give text book answers so they do not have to do their jobs when it comes to helping a customer fulfill their warranty order. Speaking to someone over the phone should be the same quality as speaking to a rep in person. You guys [removed] It is unfair that yall have the best reliable service in my hometown so I cannot use another carrier. I spend a bunch of money on your service and I cannot get ONE LOUSY REP to complete my warranty claims because of the fine line tape around their [removed] duties. What happen to customer first? What happen to going over and beyond to help a customer in need? Is firing someone so scary that REPS refuse to do their jobs to safe guard their future with your company? When a customer is more than right, why will a REP IGNORE WHAT THEY TELL THEM!?!!! You guys SUCK!

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Are you in warranty?