Hacked info

Okay, so I found a letter addressed to my housemate who is also whose cell phone plan i am on. The letter stated thank you for reregistering the phone (my phone) with My Verizon, your passcode is....call if you didnt reregister. So I tried logging in and my info was changed. I tried my housemates number and new passcode from letter and was granted access to my account. The change was just made on March 31st and I called and reset info today. My housemate denies doing this and says ot must be a havker but Verizon said not possible as the person who logged in via that number would've received confirmation text code etc. Is it possible it wasnt my housemate? Is it possible to see who and when changed my info? Looking like housemate to me though they deny it.

Re: Hacked info

Just to confirm, you’re on his bill?   Then it’s his bill, his account, his phones, his financial responsibility.    While it’s a good idea to have joint access since it’s a peer group sharing the bill and service, your house mate is on the hook for everything.  

I suggest you talk about how the bill and payments are made and how information is shared.