Hangs up on calls

This is my 2nd Samsung Galaxy J3V smart phone and it is having the same problems as the one I returned to the warehouse.  It hangs up on me.  Sometimes it will disconnect several times on one call.  I am holding it carefully so that my face doesn't touch the screen and my fingers don't touch anything but the side of the phone.  Before it disconnects, it makes a series of beeps like someone is trying to dial in. Then it disconnects.  If I take it outside, that sometimes helps but not all of the time.  Very frustrating and I now ask my contacts to email me instead.  Anyone else having this problem?  Thanks.  

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Re: Hangs up on calls
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I'm so sorry your having these issues KARROL55. I know how much I rely on my phone. Let's get to the bottom of this. What zip code are you in? Does it happen in multiple areas?


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Re: Hangs up on calls
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When you exchanged the phone, did you also get a new SIM card? If not, you may want to take it to a corporate Verizon store to get a new SIM card.