Hearing aids and Samsung Galaxy S22
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I purchased bluetooth enabled hearing aids in June.  At that time, I had a Galaxy S8 phone.  My audiologist paired the aids and then set things up so I could receive notification of phone calls/text messages notifications so that only I hear notifications via my hearing aids...meaning that only I would hear the notifications and no one else.  I upgraded to an S22 and lost these settings.  I contacted Phonak and their response was:

"The behavior you describe is a setting in the Galaxy S22 itself.  There is likely a setting on it that lets you tell the phone to either send alerts through the phone or through headphones. You'll want to change that to headphones. 

Please contact your phone carrier for specific instructions on where this setting is in your particular phone." 

So, that is what I am doing.  My S22 Model number is SM-S901U and the hardware version is RE V1.0, Software info is: 4.1 One UI version, Android version: 12 

I don't know if any more information than that should be provided.  Any help would be appreciated....it has been a source of great puzzlement and angst.

Re: Hearing aids and Samsung Galaxy S22
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ShellyVR, I'm sorry that you've had this problem with your Galaxy S22. Have you contacted Samsung directly about this to see if they can help? -Alicia