Help! My Factory Weather Widget Changed Sources!
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I have a Samsung Galaxy J3 V. I recently updated to Android Nougat. In doing so, my factory weather widget changed weather sources from Accuweather to The Weather Channel. How can I switch the weather source back to Accuweather? TWC is not very accurate for my area.

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One alternative is to use the Accuweather app from the Play Store rather than the default weather widget; it also includes several widgets.

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I would follow tikibar1's advice. Just long-press your current widget on your home-screen, drag it to delete. Then download the Accuweather App. You can then use it's application icon on another home-screen to get in-depth weather information.

For your default homescreen, now simply long-press and find the new accuweather widget you'd like to use.

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YOOPER24, it's always good to have your device customized just as you like it. I welcome the opportunity to address your inquiry. With the update change, the weather source used likely wouldn't allow for an edit as it's the one Samsung likely has an agreement with at this time. As a result, I would recommend the steps tikibar1 advised in which to download the preferred app from the Play Store and use it in place of the new widget.



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