Help needed copying Ultimate Notepad files onto Moto G7

I've been using Ultimate Notepad on Android for a long time.  Recently I switched to a G7, and wish to move my note files to the new phone.  I found where the note files are stored on the old phone, but I can't locate where to put them on the new phone.

These files are text files, with the file names of the format MyNote.txt.

Ultimate Notepad supports backup/restore of the files to an SD Card.  On the old phone, I used this function, removed the SD card and installed it in my Wndows computer, and then found the files on the old' phone's SD Card in a directory called /mynotes.  I then copied the files onto my Windows hard drive.

I then went to the new phone, created a /mynotes directory on the new SD Card, installed the SD card on Windows and copied the files from the computer into it, and then reinstalled it in the new phone and then tried to use the Ultimate Notepad restore function to restore  the files.  No sucess.

I then used Ultimate Notepad to create a couple Notes on the new phone, and then tried to backup those files to the SD Card.  That also didn't work: I got an error message saying that the program could not open /storage/emulated/0/mynotes.

Any ideas on how I can get my old Notes into Ultimate Notepad on the new phone?

Note that I tried to contact the app creator, but my message has been ignored.


Re: Help needed copying Ultimate Notepad files onto Moto G7

copy/paste where you want them.

Re: Help needed copying Ultimate Notepad files onto Moto G7
Customer Service Rep

Sorry to hear that you've been experiencing so much trouble with this app, dwgsp. You definitely did the right thing by reaching out to the app developer. It is unfortunate that they are not replying. Based on what you've stated so far, my recommendation would be to allow the app itself to create the folder on your memory card, rather than manually creating it. When you mentioned you created the /mynotes, how did you go about doing so? Usually, saving something within the app, like you did later, will create the necessary file, and then you can just migrate your content you have saved in your windows PC over to that file. EricW_VZW