Horrible Customer Service Experience...
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Yesterday I had a run in with customer service.  We received our bill on Saturday and it was double the normal amount.  Well, we called on Monday to find out what was going on.  Seems we had not paid the bill and it was doubled up.  Now the problem is we did not receive the bill for the month in question and it totally slipped our mind when we paid the bill.  I was not trying to get out of the bill, it was due.  What I was asking was a little consideration as we were also being charged a $5.00 fee on top of this.  The customer service rep stated that it could not and would not be waived, as the company policy had changed.  So after being with the company for several years, close to 10, and this is the only time that we have ever been late.  Zero consideration, it is only $5, but the very idea that the rep flat refused to adjust, or even allow us to talk to a supervisor tells me that they truly do not give a flying ^%&$* about the customers.  We are looking for another carrier that is friendlier and more customer orientated.  I have liked Verizon for its coverage when we travel, but this has soured me and my wife to the point of leaving.  I hope that you that are reading this take there total lack of caring into consideration.

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I have a buddy that works at a Verizon call center and ironically the big thing they are supposed to be focusing on is rebuilding brand image. This is a super poor way of doing that. Tossing away 10 years loyalty over the cost of a Little Caesars pizza is begging T-Mobile to take customer.


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Just a tip, try on chat support, not on voice department they are quite strict there.
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Everyone I finally reach acts all nice like they will fix the problem, and when they realize it was their mess up, will require effort to fix, and won't earn them money or advancement, they drop the call.  Or in chat, the chat rep ghosts you in the middle.  I have been through like 8 chat reps and 8 phone reps now.  Management doesn't give them the tools to fix their mistakes, so the reps are in a bad spot just like the customers.  It is the company knowingly abusing their employees and customers.