Hotspot still not working after plan and phone change and call with customer service
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I had a terrible customer service experience over the phone a few weeks ago where the woman was condescending towards me and basically told me my phone plan didn't have mobile hotspot (it had it for years and I had been using it for years until I recently switched phones) so she forced me to change plans. She said I would get hotspot at the next pay cycle. But it has been a couple days since my plan change, AND STILL NO MOBILE HOTSPOT. So she refused to listen to me when I said I had hotspot on my plan and she refused to fix my actual problem. I am not calling customer service again. This either gets fixed now or I am permanently switching and never recommending Verizon ever again.

Honestly I should be reimbursed the full value of my plan for the 2 months I've been denied my mobile hotspot despite having paid for it. I'm considering hiring a lawyer if this isn't resolved.

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