How can I block certain news feeds on my phone browser?

On my Motorola g6 there is a default Google screen that when you swipe over to it it will load all kinds of news, sports, entertainment and other stories. You can go to the top of the page and personalize it for what you want it to display like news, sports, tech stories, etc. When it displays of each non sponsored story there is three dots on the upper right side you can tap and it will allow you to block the provider of that story (CNN, CBS FOX, MSNBC, etc)  or block all the stories about a person or subject it is about.

I have done this to most of the news providers yet when the page refreshes the provider is right back on the page> If you go to the upper right of the story to block the provider it says "Unblock Fox" not block!! If I have to unblock them why are they showing up? And if you go to the "personalize" it shows the provider is blocked!! What is going on are we being forced to read these headlines by Google or Verizon. I would like to really block some of these but can't and since it is a default page I cannot get rid of the whole page> Has anyone been able to block the providers for real?

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Re: How can I block certain news feeds on my phone browser?

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