How do I Adopt SD card for internal storage in android 6.0.1

My LG K8 V has a 64Gb UHS-I class 10 microSD card that I want to use for loading apps so I don't use up all the internal storage (16Gb). Since it has Android 6.0.1 I can't just go to the application manager and tell it to run an app from the SD card like I could in android 4 or 5. When I try to format the card it comes up with a screen that says "Use as portable storage" which I don't want.

How do I get it to format as internal storage so it can be "Adopted".

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Making sure that your information is kept safe is our top priority. Walk me through how you are trying to save your applications to your SD card so that I have a better idea of what you tried.

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I helped my Sister in-law recently with this on her Moto Droid MAXX running Android M. I'm not sure the LG tablet will have this option but I was able to go into Settings > Storage and reformat the card and then it was an extension of the memory.

Here is the article I used to help her but again.... this was for a Moto device.

Marshmallow - SD card - Tips and Tricks

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It could be that the OEM (LG in this case) removed adoptable storage from their phone. That's probably why you don't see that option. LG removed the feature from their flagship phone so they probably did it for all of their phones. They probably thought it would be too confusing for their customers.