How do I change the size limit settings on LG V 10 so I can text videos?

I have an LG V10.  It will let me upload videos to Facebook but will not let me send videos in text.  What settings do I need to change so I can share videos with my friends?

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Re: How do I change the size limit settings on LG V 10 so I can text videos?
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Thanks so much for reaching out to our community member forums. We definitely want you to be able to share pictures and videos with family and friends! I'll be happy to go over those options with you. When sending pictures or videos through the carrier picture messaging, the maximum file size is 1.2MB per file. This is for pictures or videos. Becuase of this, most high rez videos taken on high end phones like yours won't be able to be sent using that protocol. Emails will hold larger files, up to 3MB, but most videos will still be too large for this on your phone. What I would recommend doing though is using your phne's Google Drive to share videos with your loved ones. This is how I share high rez videos with friends. It basically will send a link to any contact you approve to access a video that you've uploaded. The other user also has to have a google(gmail) account. Here's a link that will show you how to use it if you have not done this in the past:

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