How do I file a complaint against a store manager?

I am wondering how to file a complaint regarding a store manager.  On April 30th, my grandmother and I purchased S5 phones from our local Verizon store.  The salesman (now store manager) told me that our $250 phones would only cost us $100 because Verizon had a rebate going for $150 off each phone.  We purchased these phones under the pretense that after we recieved our rebate, it would only cost us $100.  I mailed away the rebates and was suprised to get a postcard in the mail saying the rebates were not valid.  After calling the Verizon rebate center, they stated that they had given us the wrong rebate form and that they could submit the proper forms for us.  Great.  A few weeks later, I recieved 2 $50 rebates in the mail, not the 2 $150 rebates we were told we would recieve.  Another call to the rebate center ensued in which they told me the $150 rebates were not valid until May 1st, the day AFTER we purchased the phones.  I complained to the rebate center rep who basically told me it was out of their hands and that I would need to speak to the store where I purchased the phones.

I called our local store and spoke to the sales rep who sold us the phones, whom was now store manager.  He proceeded to tell me that they "usually would honor those rebates a day early."  I said that they did not and that he needed to make this right.  I would never have purchased phones this expensive if I were only to get $50 back in a rebate.  He then proceeded to tell me there was nothing he could do.  I told him that he needed to make this right and I was still owed 2 $100 rebates and he told me that it would be a lot of phone calls and that he was not sure he could get it.  I then told him he better start calling because he misinformed me on the price of the phone at the time of purchase.  He said he would see what he could do.

This was three weeks ago and I have yet to recieve a phone call back.  The salesman made an error in the sale that has cost me and my grandmother $200 and he basically told me "opps, sorry about that, nothing I can do."  He misled us in the purchase of these phone and he is refusing to make it right.  I will file a complaint with the BBB if this is not resolved.  Has anyone had a similar issue and how was it resolved?  Should I save my breath and just file the complaint with the BBB?  Thanks.

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Re: How do I file a complaint against a store manager?
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kmschr, you've reached the right place to uplift your feedback regarding your recent customer service experience at that store. Which store did you visit? Do you remember the name of the representative that assisted you?

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Re: How do I file a complaint against a store manager?

Yes, it was the New Prague, MN Verizon location.  The name of the manager is Josh and there was another rep helping us, I believe his name was Derrick?  I know that Derrick is no longer there and has moved up in the company.  When I spoke to Josh about his error, he basically told me 'Oops, nothing I can do, sorry.'  He gave me false information and is not willing to make it right.  He made a mistake and is not willing to take responsibilty for it and it is costing me $200.  This needs to be reconciled.  I do not like being misled.

Re: How do I file a complaint against a store manager?

HELLO?!?!?!  Is anyone going to address this issue??  I waited patiently for long enough.  What is the resolution to my problem here?  If I do not hear back from a rep within the next few days, I will file a complaint with the BBB.  Please respond and address my issue. lasinah_vzw

Re: How do I file a complaint against a store manager?
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That is not a corporate Verizon store. It's premium retailer. Those stores are individually owned and run.

Re: How do I file a complaint against a store manager?

Verizon Team,

This is in reference to an Issue that happened to me ‘Sreejit S’ with phone number ending in 2765 at the Verizon store located at 11198 Washington Pl, Culver City, CA 90232 with the merchant id 0008032849948. My main reason for posting the issue here at a global front is: 1) For the appropriate representatives to review the issue with me and their associates and provide me a solution 2) Provide awareness to everyone to not just accept any offer/sales/rebates without knowing the details. Here is a list down of the activities and the actual issue. I have tried every means to convince the store team and the customer service and no one could help me out of this issue and so ending up adding here as a last resort to receive justice.

Dec 30 2019 06:00 PM to 08:00PM:

  • New phones and Plan activation: I went to the Verizon store to purchase 2 New Iphones with the BOGO offer, to achieve a discount on the 2nd device. I also wanted my 2 friends already on Verizon prepaid to convert to a postpaid and then roll in to the 4 line plan with Verizon. I worked with the associate there and he did not have the devices we need and so I paid the taxes for the new devices and placed an order for the New phones. I have the receipt of the taxes paid/credit card statement as the proof. So, currently, all my 4 lines were activated and ported over to the Verizon plan successfully, no issues. We were happy with the service provided.
  • New Tablet Addition (start of the issue): I requested the store manager, A*****, to provide us with a waive off of the activation charges as a joining discount. But, he later approached us with an offer – Buy a hotspot, will waive off the activation on 2 accounts (~$80) and also receive a $500 rebates Gift Card (G.C). I have a written proof of the offer in a note with me right now to support this. I rejected it saying that we do not need a hotspot. Later, he came back saying that he can switch the hotspot with a tablet. So, the offer changed to the below:
    1. Buy a Samsung 8 tablet
    2. Receive ~80 off, the activation charges on 2 accounts
    3. Receive a $500 rebates with which I could pay off the Tablet later in the future, so no extra charges on the whole transaction
    4. Total charges per month would be $13 for the tablet on the whole

I did accept this offer, paid the taxes for the tablet, activated it and took home. Everything was good.

  • I went home and submitted the rebates for my 2 numbers that the store gave me for the $500, each for $250. The promotion code he gave us was ‘WINTERBYOD’. I was not informed on any details of this promotion whatsoever on this day, until Feb 1, 2020.

Feb 1 2020 08:04 AM:

  1. My Account Manager received an email from Verizon saying the rebates could not be processed. The error message received for the rebates status was: “This promotion requires that the mobile number you submitted has to be activated with an eligible device transaction. Please refer to the eligibility requirements below for details of the promo.”
  2. I visited a nearby store and asked about the details. They suggested that I call the rebates center. I called them up, talked to them and then they explained me that the rebates went invalid because my plan was not activated for 45 days with my own devices for 45 days. Also, then I came to know that the rebate BYOD meant ‘Bring your own device’. Now, I understood that the rebates given to me were invalid from the 1st day as I was never activating the plans on my own device and was actually purchasing new devices from Verizon.

Week of Feb 3 – Feb 14:

  1. Talking to the Actual Store Manager: My account manager/friend went to the store from where we purchased the devices and also the tablet and told them that the rebates went bad. So, I asked them to fix it and provide me a solution as the main reason that I took the tablet was because I could use the rebates to pay off my tablet. My friend worked with them over 2 weeks but was unsuccessful.
  2. He then talked to the District Manager/Director – N*** hoping to get some solution in middle ground at least but he did not help too at all. He was not ready to accept that such a big mistake has happened and that I have to pay the tablet off for $300 plus the service costs for the first 6 months.
  3. Talking to Customer care: I talked to the Verizon customer care and they tried their best to fix the issue but they were unsuccessful. They also confirmed that the mistake was from the store manager giving you an Invalid rebates in the first point itself. I received an email confirmation from them too to talk with the store on the issue and suggested that normally Verizon store associates fixes such issues.

Feb 16: 12:30 – 1:45 PM

  1. My friend has let me know that the store associates were unable to fix the issue. So, we decided to meet the District Manager/Director – N*** hoping that he would understand the issue. We went to talk to him at the store 5210 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036. We explained the issue to him in detail and told him that I was provided the rebates that was told to work to pay off the tablet. But, he wasn’t in any manner ready to accept the mistake has happened agreeing that the person had 17 years of experience in the field (per him). I also asked him to check the store recordings if he would like to provide my legibility but he was not ready to accept that a mistake has happened. I tried to convince him in all ways to provide some solution but was unsuccessful. So, I told him that I would try different ways to see if the issue can be addressed.

Request to the Verizon Team: Firstly, this is a legitimate request as I have a written note in the Store manager’s writing that explains the deal he gave me. I have the receipt to the taxes I paid for the device, that would surely ensure that the rebates were Invalid the very first day they were provided to me. Secondly, there would be tapes that you can check for the above time stamps that proves of the issue. Next, at my current state, I am very unhappy that this has happened to me and I regret the day when I accepted the tablet offer. But, there is nothing I can do now. I do agree that Verizon as a service, the Customer service team and all other aspects are good except the store and the related management that had caused this issue and have not even tried to address it. I did not want to name the people involved as I am not receiving anything by doing that and do not mean anything against them but I added an indication so that the appropriate teams can work with them to fix this issue. My only request is to provide a solution to this – by fixing the rebates that was promised would work for me OR adjusting the tablet pricing and the monthly charges OR taking the device back and nullifying all the associated charges applied on the tablet OR something that can help me take the additional ~$400 that I will end up paying for this whole tablet transaction. I am paying for a tablet that I am not using, just because someone had to complete a sale and I got mixed up in that transaction. So, I hope that this message reaches an appropriate team who can help me and I am requesting the Verizon team as a whole to provide justice on what happened. Thank you.


Verizon Team/All Customers,

The Verizon team was not able to resolve the issue even partially. The team is unable to take accountability that their store messed up a transaction and made me purchase a tablet giving me a false rebates that did not go through. Now, I would end up paying $500+ for the device and the charges. I really hoped that you could resolve the issue. But, I am disappointed again that Verizon is not a Customer friendly service at all. I suggest that everyone who sees this post are extra cautious when you go to a store and on any deals that they promise. A small mistake might end up making you $500 or more just like me. My next step would be to report at every social site I could before submitted my case to the Federal Consumer court as a last resort. I really do not want paying %500 for a fraud transaction by a Store Manager and the lack of support to resolve there after by his leadership or the entire Verizon team.

11198 Washington Pl, Culver City, CA 90232

Store Manager/Associate who completed the Transaction: Andrew

District Manager/Director who asked us to just leave without providing a resolution: Nate


Re: How do I file a complaint against a store manager?


I want to file a complaint against a Verizon store manager. The store is the Victra Verizon store in Iowa City, IA. The manager's name is Alysha, who is also the manager of the Washington, IA store.  I have tried contacting Alysha at least 10 times since July. She ignores my calls, and won't call me back.  I did speak with her once, and she said that "The Verizon lady is supposed to take care of it". The last time I called the store, I was told that Alysha, the general manager, is off-loading some of her duties to the store associates, but the store associates were not yet trained for those duties.

Here is my problem: I purchased a Samsung S21 5g phone on July 30, 2021. I was offered a trade-in deal where if I traded in my phone, I would receive the Samsung phone for $10 per month for 24 months. I turned in my old phone at the store when I picked up the new phone. Apparently, the associate who handled my purchase and trade in was new, and did not do a trade-in invoice.  I have been gettting charged $33 per month for my phone since then.  After I received my first bill, I called Verizon customer service and they said they would take care of it.  My next bill still had the $33 charge. I called Verizon customer service again, and they said that they had no record that the phone was sent in - there was no trade-in invoice. They told me I needed to contact the store where my phone was purchased.  I then went into the store, explained my problem, and they said that the associate who sold me the phone had been brand new, had learning issues, and was no longer employed. I was told that I needed to speak with Alysha, the general manager.

I called the store again wanting to speak with Alysha, who was just on her way out of the store, so wouldn't speak to me. I tried calling the store several more times, only to be told that Alysha was either off or sick. When I did finally speak with Alysha, she said that she was not the person responsible, and that it was up to "that Verizon lady" to correct my issue.   I went into the store again, and spoke with Kristen in the Iowa City store. Kristen was very helpful, and called customer service while I was in the store. The problem seemed to have been resolved ( the customer service person did a ticket that would resolve the problem in 10 days).  Waited 15 days, and still no resolution. When I called and spoke with Kristen again, she said I needed to talk with Alysha or her boss Becky, and she assured me that Alysha would call me the next day.  I still haven't spoken with Alysha. 

I am getting fed up. I was told that "if it makes you feel better, there is a guy who has had the same problem since February".  That does not make me feel better. It really makes me much madder. 

How do I file a complaint against Alysha and the store? I am ready to close me account and go to another carrier.

Thanks, Paula