How do I fix the issue where I'm receiving partial text messages?

          I'm running into an issue where if a person from outside the Verizon network (e.g. T-mobile) sends me a large text (e.g. > 160 characters, such as 300+ characters), I'm getting the message split across multiple texts (as would be expected), but a number of the texts are missing content. I only have this issue with missing content in the texts in these cases. Example:
"I was doing so great! It only took one twist to dislocate. It was so fast. If I hadn't had my phone in my hand, I wouldn't have been able to"

[next text]

"e tiniest movement caused excruciating spasms. I couldn't move from the bathroom floor. I am terrified of dislocating again."

Clearly, there was missing content between the two texts, and I have been able to confirm that a considerable part of the messages are getting cut off.

I've tried clearing my Messages app data/cache and the system cache partition, and I've also tried using Facebook messenger instead of the Messages app, but none of things have helped.

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Re: How do I fix the issue where I'm receiving partial text messages?
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It might be a network issue on their end that is causing the disconnect.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.