How do I get my old emojis back?

My LG Stylo 2  recently insisted on downloading a huge update (1.5+ gb).  The worst thing it messed up is my emojis.  I had cute ones, with good detail.  Now I have very basic, colored-line, drawings that are downright ugly.  A previous Community answer suggested going to "customize" in messaging.  But my messenger app doesn't have "customize," nor is there such an option in my keyboard settings.  PLEASE, help me get my old emojis back.

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Re: How do I get my old emojis back?
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I completely understand where you're coming from, TruthPlusLove, I use emoji characters all the time myself. Did this happen after a software update? What messaging app are you using? If this is a third party app please open the Play Store app then tap the Menu button in the upper left corner (three lines), then tap My Apps & Games. Is your messaging app up to date?


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