How do I get rid of the "Voicemail Waiting." icon that thinks I have new voicemails?

I have a OnePlus6T and for the past few months everything has been fine, but just this last week my phone is indicating 2 Voicemail messages.  I've checked my voicemail and listened to them all and it confirmed I have no more new messages.  However it still indicates I have 2.  I restarted the phone, nothing.  I cleared the cache and history in the app setting, nothing.  I turned off notifications by calling my voicemail and turning notifications off, nothing.  I've restarted countless times, nothing.  It's driving me crazy.  I don't want to reset my phone and have to go through the long process of setting it up again.    Can Verizon reset this from their end?  or is the another way of resetting the voicemail message waiting indicator?

Re: How do I get rid of the "Voicemail Waiting." icon that thinks I have new voicemails?
Customer Service Rep

Thank you for reaching out to us, peterkoval. We understand that having those notifications for your voicemail can be quite frustrating, so let's find out more about what is happening to your device. First off, before we go into factory resetting the device, have you attempted to reset the network settings? If not, go ahead and use the following steps to reset your network settings:

  1. From the Home screen, swipe up, then tap Settings.
  2. Tap System > Reset Options > Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth.
  4. Enter your PIN or Password, then tap Next.
  5. Tap RESET SETTINGS again to confirm.

Keep us updated if this issue persists.