How do I manage personal dictionary on Samsung J7?
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I have Samsung j7 running Android 7.0 none of the directions on the web correct for this. It is not found under languages and input, or the keyboards. No where in the settings does it has personal dictionary listed. How do I find this because this stupid Android is capitalizing words at random and I am told it is that because they were in the dictionary that way

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Re: How do I manage personal dictionary on Samsung J7?
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Hello, PDXNOAH! We want to make sure that you are able to get this taken care of. Can you go into the Settings> Apps> Application Manager> and tap the three dots in the right-hand corner? From there, tap Reset app preferences to see if this helps reset the capitalization. Also, when you're typing, does your device correct your typed text into the capital ones after you hit the space bar? If so, do you see the option to select the typed in word verses the predictive text option it wants to default to? Keep us updated!

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