How do you make an official complaint with Verizon?
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I would like to make an official complaint with Verizon for being mislead. I was told that I could save $10 off each line that I have to save a total of $50. I have 5 lines. I signed up for auto pay and it said I would only get $10 off period. I would have never signed up for auto pay.  In addition, I called to see if if I could get my reconnect fees waived since I have been a customer for at least 10 years and I paid the bill within 5 min of the services being disconnected. It would have been nice if people could get a warning before they just turn your services off and then apply a $20 reconnect fee for EVERY single phone I own. I own 5 phones. 

Re: How do you make an official complaint with Verizon?
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Thank you for reaching out to us today. We would be happy to help in any way we can and make sure that you get all qualifying discounts. What plan do you have and are all lines a smartphone? ~Roger