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How many gigs will I need for a LG G3 phone?
Enthusiast - Level 1

I just purchased a G3 phone. I only signed up for 1/2 gig of data because I will only be using the phone for talking and occasional texting. I won't use the internet at all. (And won't be using any apps, email or anything.)  Somebody advised me that 1/2 gig will not be enough -- that I will need 2 gigs -- even if I'm not using internet. They said that data is constantly being used, every time I use the phone. Is this true?  Will I need to update to 2 gigs?  Any opinions or advice on this will be greatly appreciated.  Thank You.

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Re: How many gigs will I need for a LG G3 phone?

IF you WILL NOT be using the Internet AT ALL EVER, you still need at least 1GB.  Smartphones aren't designed to just be a flip-replacer.  Why did you upgrade to a smartphone if you won't use it as intended?  I suggest watching your data closely your first month.  Up the data accordingly, but don't be surprised if you gt an overage, unless you keep data off AT ALL TIMES.  The G3 still uses data to send MMS like picture messages, and while this doesn't count towards the data allotment on an unlimited messaging plan, it will still keep the data radio partially on for THAT purpose, even when off.  Granted, maybe 5MB a month is used by the phone in standby even with no other data use, but with all the things on a smartphone that use'll be hard-pressed to stay at 500MB, trust me, I'm on a 1GB plan and use near 500MB a month doing very little.  Remember the overage charges.

Re: How many gigs will I need for a LG G3 phone?
Specialist - Level 2

We have the G3. We have the 1GB data plan. In your case, no, you will not need more than 1GB a month. The only time we went over was when my wife went into a vzw store and the rep turned on mobile network without my wife's knowledge.

My advice is, if your phone ever leaves your hands. When you get it back, check to make sure mobile network is off.

Re: How many gigs will I need for a LG G3 phone?
Contributor - Level 1

I'm confused as to why you would upgrade to a smartphone with no intention to use the Internet features. There are many wonderful apps out there that keep you informed (most newspapers, radio stations, tv stations have apps), help you keep track of your personal finances (credit cards, bank accounts, etc), navagation apps (no need for a separate gps anymore!), share files, etc.  Even fun things like Shazam, where you hear a song and you just need to know who's performing it!

1 GB should be fine for light users. I use Chrome a lot and watch some videos, plus I am always reading the newspapers online and checking twitter, instagram, etc.  I have trouble connecting to Xfinity wifi hotspots with my G3, and I am not constantly around places that offer wifi.

Just make sure you have the phone set to only update apps over wifi.  And restrict background data on apps as well.  That should eliminate a lot of phantom/unnecessary data usage.

I use about 5GB a month.  People on unlimited plans who are streaming lots of music and video and transferring files can use hundreds of GBs a month.

Have fun with your new phone!  Check out Google Play and download some apps.  You can always turn mobile data on and off from the settings menu as you like.

Re: How many gigs will I need for a LG G3 phone?
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Snn5 I rarely use 1 GB a month. Most times I use less than 500 MB and I actually do use my phone to access the web. We have 1 line that never uses their smartphone data ever. They usually end up using 1.02 MB a month. Yes that's an M. So 500 MB is plenty if one is sure they would very rarely use data.