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I am writing to find out how to file a complaint at a higher level where someone might actually hear what a horrible experience as a new customer it was. One week ago I contacted Verizon to find out about transferring my prepaid account at another service provider to a prepaid account at Verizon. I chose Verizon because we have FIOS internet and that customer service is the best I have ever had. I was assured by both the store and phone reps that this was no problem.

I took the day off from work and went into the store on Monday and spent the morning there. I contacted the store rep later in the day because what they expected to happen in terms of porting did not happen and there seemed to be a problem (3 hours).

On Tuesday, I was on the phone with 2 reps for 2 hours in the morning and 3 different reps in the afternoon/evening for an additional 2 hours. They cancelled and then started the porting process again, telling me that the process would take 24 hours. A rep in the porting department said they would contact me on Wednesday afternoon. That never happened.

I spent an additional 3.5 hours on the phone on Wednesday, with reps from customer service/technical support, port department and inside sales. The port person said it would take an additional 24 hours and said that they would call me Thursday at 3 pm. That never happened.

On Thursday, I spent 90 minutes in the morning with a tech support person who was talking to the port department. They said they would call me back at 6 pm, which never happened. I asked them to provide a transcript of everything that had transpired so far and the steps that they had taken to correct the problem, and they said they could not do that.

On Friday morning, I talked to yet another tech support person, who said they would look into it and call me back in the afternoon (1 hour). This never happened. I called on Friday afternoon and after speaking to a tech support person for another hour, was put in contact with a woman in the port department who understood the problem and finally solved the issue.

I spent over fourteen hours on the phone and in person with Verizon reps who did not seem to understand the prepaid process or my frustration with what should have been a simple process. What is unbelievable is how many of them promised me that they would look into and call me back and never did.

I use my phone to run a small tutoring business and because of Verizon lost four days of not having my phone number. I cannot imagine how many people called and the business that was lost (I had just given out my number at a library presentation three weeks ago right before the start of school).

Help, please? Thanks in advance.

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Hello, and thank you for reaching out about your recent expereince. This is definintely not the experience we would want for you, and would be more than happy to help you submit your feedback. Please send us a Private message, so we can submit this for you.