How to remove an app that doesn't show up on the app mgr list?

Installed a Capital One Mobile app - it won't open correctly,

and even though there's an icon for it on my home page, it is not

listed on my app mgr list, so I don't know how to remove or uninstall it

so that I can re-install it and try again...any suggestions ?

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Re: How to remove an app that doesn't show up on the app mgr list?
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Thank you for reaching out to us here, as help is our middle name! Having an app that is not working correctly is sure frustrating. I’ve been there myself. I have the resolution for this. You will be able to go to the Google Play Store & uninstall it from there. To do this, please go to Google Play Store, the top left corner is 3 horizontal lines. Tap the 3 horizontal lines & tap on “my apps & games”. Then scroll down to the Capital One app & tap to select. There will then be an uninstall option for you.

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