How to respond to text while on phone call
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I don't know how to respond to a text while I'm on a phone call.  I called my insurance company because my car broke down.  It kept wanting to send me texts for me to respond to while I am on the phone call .  I do not know how to respond to a text while I am on the call.  After about 10 minutes of me screaming at the phone, an agent FINALLY answered.  My phone is a Kazuna E-Talk.  I cannot find this information.  Will somebody please help.  The only texting I know how to do is receive texts from Verizon when my bill is due.  (Sorry, I don't text.)

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 help05 We're sorry to read about the issue with checking text messages when on a call. When on the call screen are there any options on the bottom of the screen? ~Peter