How to stop reporting as spam legitimate numbers.
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Verizon keeps reporting a legitimate number (from a hospital where all patients call out on the same number) as spam.  I've tried, over and over again, to explain this to Verizon customer service.  They simply cannot understand - tried to sell me a monthly plan to stop calls, etc.  The website they recommend to report "good" numbers is really only  a site to report potential spam numbers.  So far, all customer service representatives cannot comprehend the issue.  Anyone have any ideas how to report a number that is NOT spam or potential spam.  

Re: How to stop reporting as spam legitimate numbers.
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Good morning! That happened to me before and I would like to ensure your trusted numbers are allowed to call your line. Here is a link that will better assist you in showing you how to allow it. What steps have you taken and are you getting an error message or them?