I can't get any bars on my phone!

A few months ago I was getting about 3 bars. Now I get no bars. I have never been able to answer a phone call it rings but no one can hear me and I can't hear them. I can't send a massage unless I am standing at the window and get 1 bar. I have a phone that is 3 months old and I am very disappointed in the service I get from it. I never get a 4g. I have a LG Zone3, my zip code 71646. please help me this phone and service is worthless to me!

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Re: I can't get any bars on my phone!
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welobo, making sure you have the reliable service you need at all times along with having a properly working device is a priority. Please allow us the opportunity to further investigate the details. Can you please let us know if you currently have service with Prepaid or Postpaid? Do you notice if your service improves while you are outdoors opposed to indoors? Also, is anybody else in your area having the same experience with their service?




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