I have 4G, phone dropped back to 3G.
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I have a Samsung Galaxy S5, have had 4G for nearly a year. I noticed my rate drooped to 3G, and I can't get it back. I powered down, removed battery for a minute), removed SIM card, put back in, still 3G. I had a similar trouble before,  the tech walked me through the same steps. I'm in an area where there is good 4G LTE coverage.   I'm paying for 4G, I souls get 4G. Thanks

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having 4G is a must these days. It is alarming to see your device is stuck in 3G. Let's dig a little deeper here. How long has this been going on? Did anything change on your phone recently: any software updates or new apps downloaded? Does your phone show 3G no matter where you go or does 4G pop up in some places?

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