I'm Calling Myself....

Today I started receiving calls with my caller ID picture showing with the number "00000000" displayed.  Anyone else been running into this lately?

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Re: I'm Calling Myself....
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Let's figure this out together.  When did this first start?  How often are you getting these calls?  What type of phone do you have?  When did this last occur?

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Re: I'm Calling Myself....
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It most likely is not a phone or Verizon problem..well,not a Verizon problem directly anyway. 

I can't say for sure but it is most likely a spoofed number call.  Bad guys (ok, or girls Smiley Happy ) spam call and spoof the number so it appears as your own number or caller ID.

Best thing to do is ignore it; don't pick up, don't unsubscribe if it comes through a text message.  I had the same thing happen pretty regularly over the course of about a month but eventually it stopped.

Spam calls are getting worse in general.  I kept a log last month of my "real" calls as opposed to spam calls,  I only had 23 real incoming calls...I had 139 spam calls; I didn't track the spam text messages. 

My blocking app has 284 individual numbers in the list and 8 global blocks of numbers with the same area code and exchange; the app hangs up automatically without allowing voicemail.  I get, on average, 8 spam calls a day and most of those are within a short, and I mean within just a couple of hours, timeframe.  Anyone I need to talk to is identified by name..otherwise I don't answer the call.