I think my PrePaid Optimus Exceed 2 is utterly fried?

So around a month or so ago I noticed that some of the google features of my phone weren't working all that great. My google account that I added seemingly messed with a few other accounts I had, like my emails and facebook, but the real kicker was that I couldn't access the Google Play Store. It'll pop open then close suddenly. I ignored it for a long while before deciding to put it in developer mode. From there things just got worse and worse.

So yesterday my phone said that my Service was Disabled. If I'm not mistaken the Optimus Exceed 2 has no removable SIM card and my plan is fully paid for for the month. No matter what I did, it wouldn't get fixed. So I got worried and pissed off so I decided to factory reset my phone. It wasn't until hours ago that I randomly got service back and was able to actually complete the programming part of the setup wizard. Now the Service is Disabled again, I can't add a google account, can't access the google play store, and now certain areas in my phone's settings I can't even access.

What do I do? Please, please someone help me.

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Re: I think my PrePaid Optimus Exceed 2 is utterly fried?
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I wouldn't be able to function if the Google features my phone weren't working all that great. We certainly want to see you get the complete and thorough support you deserve. We are able to address Verizon Wireless post paid cellular concerns here. Best to reach out to our Prepaid Customer Service at 1-888-294-6804. They are open from Mon - Sun, 6 AM - 11 PM local time.

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