I would like to make and receive my phone calls on my Windows 10 Computer.


First off very new to your forums however I would like to make and receive phone calls from my computer through my phone. The reason for this is for accessibility reasons. I have a difficult time holding my phone up to my ear for long periods of times during conversations.. I don't like to leave the phone on speakerphone and I don't like current bluetooth  headsets that are on the market at this time.. I do however have a Rig 800 HD Plantronics headset that is connected up to my computer.. After googling around a bit I noticed that this feature is not listed anywhere in the mobile line it seems. You can utilize voip solutions such as callcentric on android devices but you can't utilize your cell through a computer it seems. I feel that this is a very basic feature and should have been implemented years ago. After all why else do I pay for service.  Also If you are not going to be adding this feature to consumers is their a way that I can pay only for data on my phone after all that's really all that's needed these days to make phone calls..

Loren Tedford KC9ZHV
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