Incoming message rejected - deleted messages, never received anything

Hey yall, 

I got a notification that an incoming message was rejected. I deleted a ton of stuff and freed up storage space - I'm now able to send and receive messages fine (I double-checked by texting an auto-reply number and it went through and came back no probs) but I haven't gotten any new messages since the message-rejected notification. So it seems to me that the message that was rejected is now lost. 

Is it possible to retrieve it somehow? Will that notification ever come up for something that is not a text message?

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Customer Service Rep

rose36, we are sorry to hear that a text message you have received was rejected. We appreciate the steps you have taken to free up some space on your device. Let's review further.  Do you recall if you were having trouble receiving any other text messages during that time? What is the Make/Model of your device? Also, which text message application are you utilizing (pre-loaded, VZW Messages+, 3rd party)?