Incorrect GPS Location
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About a week ago, I noticed the GPS on my phone was showing an incorrect location. At first I thought it was an issue with Pokémon Go, but then I noticed Google Maps was also wrong. So this seemed to mean that maybe my phone was broken, and I was about to buy a new one.

I'm glad I didn't, because it turns out other Verizon customers are having GPS issues. This also seems to be across different makes and models of phones, since I have an LG K20V, but Samsung users are also having issues.

Name the troubleshooting tip, I've tried it, I tried everything to try and fix it myself. Airplane mode on/off, Location off/on, restart the phone, leave the phone off for 10 minutes and turn it back on, installed GPS Essentials and GPS Status and GPS Fix, deleted the cache storage, bought a new battery, the list goes on. But the evidence seems to show this is a Verizon issue, and if Verizon can't fix it, I'll need to move to a different network. 

I wonder how many people bought new phones, thinking that would fix the GPS issues, only to find they still had a broken GPS?

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Hello being on top of your GPS is vital, especially to enjoy your Pokemon Go adventures or use Google Maps. What recent changes have you made (software update, new apps, etc.)? Aside from the GPS, any other problems?


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Its still doing it in January 2021  Have 2 Samsung Galaxy S10, S20 5g & 1 Moto. ALL HAVE this issue again this week. Its VERIZON. Samsung cleared everything and said its not the phones. Its VERIZON.

Aps say we are in Nashville Tn, 850 miles away from Pa. where we actually are. Never been to Nashville. SO Its VERIZON WIRELESS.


I also have the same problem using Verizon internet for my computers. I called Verizon and they had no fix. When I use Sonic internet problem. My searches stay in Mendocino County where I live. But when I switch to Verizon my searches are in San Jose locations. This is maddening. A small company such as Sonic can get it right but not Verizon.