Integrating a "Calendar" with my Verizon/AOL Calendar in Outlook on my PC

I have a Samsung Galaxy S8. I currently work for a company that uses Touchdown and MobileIron to integrate its email, calendar, tasks, etc. in Outlook on my work PC with my Galaxy S8.  I use the Calendar function exclusively for all of my appointments.

March 31st will be my last day at my company, at which point all of that company-related functionality will disappear from my Galaxy S8.  I need to therefore replace my calendar.

I use the Email app on my Galaxy S8 for my personal email, which is a Verizon (now AOL) email address which I read via Outlook on my personal PC. However, that app does not have a Calendar function.  I would ideally like to use the Calendar function in Outlook on my personal PC, but I cannot figure out how to integrate and sync it with my Galaxy S8. It doesn't appear to work with the Calendar app on my phone.  I installed the Android version of Outlook on my phone, but there doesn't appear to be an option to integrate with Verizon.

There may be an option to use Google's calendar, but I don't use my gmail account very often.

Any suggestions?

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1. Sync your Verizon account with your Gmail account to have the events saved to your Verizon account calendar also synced with the calendar application on the phone.

2. Load your Gmail account into your Outlook application on your personal PC and save your events to the Gmail account calendar so they are synced to your phone.

3. Setup your Verizon account as an Exchange type account and then save your events to your Verizon account calendar.

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