Intensity III/3 clock/time zone issue
Enthusiast - Level 2

I keep using this & similar "dumb" phones because they're easier for me to set  alarms  and other features besides calls and texts without having to "unlock" the screen every day/10 minutes. Suddenly in the past week only this phone changed it's time zone to UK (instead of US). All my other phones' clocks didn't "suddenly" erase the clock (happened in December) nor  reset time zone to another country in the past week or 2. I've gone in the Menu settings and checked the country  (it's set for the US), no way to manually set the clock (of course just like many smartphones), I set the setting of how the clock should look... still don't see it,  powered it off then back on... no change/fix still,  and I've removed and put back in the battery which also did nothing. In the "World Clock" map, after I restarted it the 4th time, it showed the time as UK but it's actually the hour correctly in US but it's... exactly 20 minutes off, and on the world time map it says/shows my time zone should be "6:20pm" instead of "2:20am" oh and guess what year the phone NOW says/shows it is: January 1980! The (cell)phones weren't even made by them yet LOL(only 1 in late 80s to 1 country). 

Even when I first got this phone (over 6 years ago) I didn't have this problem or any with the alarms , this could be partially verizons fault but since my other phones don't have the clocks disappearing nor clocks being set to another country it could be at least half the brand's fault/cause. 

At least make a new model of this Samsung (or other brand since they haven't made a correction to this or even an announcement of a fix in the past decade) that ISN'T just a smartphone with a digital keypad nor a flip-phone with a touchscreen. The phone still works, it's one of the most sturdy cellphones I've had in the past decades (many drops, some even caused by others hitting my hand/arm or pocket, and it still works), even when the battery comes out I can EASILY just put it back in & snap the back part back on with no damage to the screen or memory card or other chip and no special paperclip-like pin to open anything! Only neg things about it is short battery life (like 1000s of other phones, 2-4 hrs) when in use, very little difference in camera zooming feature (1x almost same distance as 7x) & no way to  correct/set or report the clock/time set when it's inaccurate. 

And no I'm not going to just go get a smartphone  to "replace" it instead(already have 1 and it's  not useful with alarms).