International phone calls overbilling

I made an international phone call over wifi on google voice.  Verizon took over the phone call and charged me $2.50 cents per minute instead the 1 cent rate on google voice.  There was no knowledge of this nor did verizon announce this fact at any time.  The phone call cost me $500.  Upon speaking with Randall, very rude and interrupting, supervisor in Customer service he stated that it was a legitimate call and only offered a $100 discount.

The $2.50 international rate is excessive, anywhere you would charge 5 cent maximum.  

I find this similar to bully taking $400 from you.  They then say that they gave you a break when they could of taken $500.  They tell you that it was a legitimate Phone call even though, I never used verizon at all. It was a service that I never dialed through verizon nor asked of verizon and a phone call that I made from my home, so I know the wifi is excellent. and google would not of dropped any call.  I asked about how to prevent in the future and he stated that I cannot. 

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Customer Service Rep

spg19, this is never the feeling we want to leave you with. It is always our goal that charges be clear and transparent, and that your service is working properly. When you initially dialed the call, was there any alert or message that appeared before connecting?