Internet is not available when I am on a call and drop calls/no internet service at least 10 times a day

Hi  I have a two part question:

I don't understand why my internet service is not available whenever I am on the phone?  It is very inconvenient not being able to look up something while on the phone so I can answer some question immediately.  Instead, I had to hang up and look up the information then call the person back.

Hope there is a solution for this problem.

My second issue is dropped  call and no signal.  This happen many times a day and at various locations: Pittsburgh, Reno, Long Beach, Los Angeles, often time it will be no service or 1X and even if there is 3G or 4G the bar is either 1 or 2 which I couldn't call nor use the internet.

I had tried to work with your technician for many times and even switched a phone but still no luck.

Could anyone else possibly have the similar issue or solution to my problems?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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We want to be sure you are able to use data while you are on calls, frustratedandhelpless and we can also work towards eliminating the dropped calls. We appreciate the details and I assure you we want nothing more than to turn this experience around for you.

May we please have the make/model of your device? Can you please clarify when the issue with the dropped calls began? Is anyone else having the same issue in the areas you mentioned? Please provide a few additional details and we will be ready to continue helping.


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It depends on the phone.   My Samsung S5 I could turn the 4G on while in a call and surf.  When I got my LG G4 it did not have that option and neither does my G5.  Confused me and I thought something was wrong but it was working as it should.  Only solution is to turn the 4G on before you make the call.  Mary