Invalid Destination Address

I've had my service for a couple weeks now. Whenever I attempt to send an MMS I receive the Invalid Destination Address error. I have attempted to view my plan and features on my account, (thought maybe it was a feature that was turned off). However, when I try to review my plan and features I'm being given a message stating that my line is inactive and when I attempt to view Features I'm hit with the 119 device and SIM are not compatible. I was told upon first activation of my phone that the second error message was a glitch that was being worked out and was reassured my phone would function normally. I'm using a Motorola g5 Plus.

I have restarted, removed and reinstalled the SIM card, all connection settings are correct, I reset those network settings, have been on the phone with numerous different reps, most tell me there's not a problem on their end, only one person has told me I can't use an unlocked device, everyone else reassures me that it should work fine. The whole point of BYOD is bringing an unlocked device.

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Re: Invalid Destination Address
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Is it possible the port process wasn't fully completed? I would suggest you call customer service at 1-800-922-0204 from a landline or *611 from another VZW phone and request they check the port and reset your text message feature from their end to verify it is setup correctly.

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