Is Verizon on GSM?

I have been with Verizon about 10 years. I have had 6 phones on Verizon network. I have always assumed that all my phones were CMDA.

Recently I signed up my mother for Ting and gave her my Samsung Galaxy S6. Apparently, Ting sent me at first CMDA sim card but it did not work. Then they sent me a GSM sim card and the service worked. I also tested the same GSM sim card on an ATT Galaxy S5 and the network worked.

So does this means that the Verizon Galaxy S6 that I used for 2 years was actually on Verizon's GSM network? Does Verizon even have a GSM network? Or was my Galaxy S6 compatible with both CMDA and GSM? But if that is the case then shouldn't have Ting's CMDA sim card also worked and not just the GSM sim card?

I am currently using Verizon's LG V30. So is it on CMDA or GSM? Assuming that I unlock the phone, would LG V30 work on other carrier's GSM, CMDA, or both networks?

I used to think CMDA vs GSM was simply, but this thing with S6 is seriously giving me a headache.

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