Just bought a new LGG7 phone. Duplicate photos

Just bought a new LG G7 phone.  The contacts didn't transfer properly, so went back to store to have the contacts downloaded from the cloud.  Everything seemed fine.  Suddenly I have duplicates of all the photos I have ever taken on the phone.  To delete the extras, I have to go into each picture individually and delete what I don't want.  Isn't there a way to select multple pictures and delete them all at once?  In some cases I have gotten triplicates.  Why is this even happening?

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Re: Just bought a new LGG7 phone. Duplicate photos
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We never wanted anyone's information duplicated, we know how that would cause confusion as well as take up unneeded space. We are here to help. 


If the photos are not within the same Album, you can simple delete an entire Album all at once. If the duplicates are within the same Album, then you would need to delete each one individually. 


While in the Gallery app, you would be able to select Albums at the top.



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