Just learned the "hard way"

Just learned this weekend the "hard way".   My Verizon Samsung Galaxy S10e is set to auto backup to my Google Account.   It will backup photos to Google Photos.   

A bizarre abnormal reset of phone required going through setup again, and restoring from backup.  But pictures are NOT RESTORED to Samsung native Gallery app .

There is NO integration between Google backup and ability to RESTORE to GALLERY app on a Samsung phone.  Apparently this is the DESIGN by an agreement with SAMSUNG and VERIZON.

The only way to be able to restore the phone's set of pictures is to use VERIZON CLOUD backup services.

Even Samsung CLOUD is not available on VERIZON phones.

Yes - the photos are on GOOGLE PHOTOS, but if I want them on my Phone, I have to download indiv. photos.

What a pain.

Re: Lost Pictures after verizon rep did reset
Customer Service Rep

It is a relief to hear that your photos were backed up, clturi. Having to do a sudden reset like that is all the more reason to have a backup plan. We cannot speak for all apps that back up such information, but the cloud-based apps we are familiar with for Android all work in this manner. The idea is that these apps allow you to access the pictures from multiple devices and not just from the phone. We hope this information is helpful and appreciate your feedback in this matter.



Re: Just learned the "hard way"
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That's weird. Once you're all set, I'd suggest depending on an SD card over cloud for photos.