Just purchased an unlocked tablet


I just purchased a brand new unlocked LG G pad 5.  How can I start using this device?  I went to the verizon store and when they entered the IMEI # it stated its not compatible with verizon.  When I asked the seller, the seller stated that the tablet is not connected to a specific carrier yet, that's why verizon doesn't recognize it.  What do I need in order to use this device?  I know I need a SIM card but the only option there is online, is to order a replacement SIM card for a device I already have on my account.  Please help.

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Re: Just purchased an unlocked tablet
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It is important that your tablet works, slsacco. If you purchased it from a third party, there is a possibility that it is a Wi-Fi only tablet, and does not have the LTE modem it would need to operate on a mobile network. If the device has an IMEI, you can check to ensure that it is compatible with the network at vzw.com/byod, as well as order a SIM Card and start a line of service for it.