Keep my verizon number with another carrier
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verizon sold me on the LG wing, so i bought it... a few week later it died. (i babied this thing) they kindly agreed to send me a refurbished one, since it was still under warranty, and after having it only 3 days, and babying it even more, it now has the same problem with the upper screen. verizon wants to send me the same phone and make me keep paying for it, so i have to keep requesting a phone through the warranty, which is a two day process, and i refuse to keep going through this. i ask to have a different phone of equal or lesser value to replace it, since lg no longer makes phones, and they just want to keep sending me the refurbished lg junk. i refuse, and am taking my bussiness elsewhere. how do i keep my number from verizon and take it to another service such as mint mobile or straight talk? thanks you for any helpful answers. and to all of you who are sick of verizons lack of customer service and the fact thats impossible to actually get help from this company, i advise you do the same and move accounts!

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Re: Keep my verizon number with another carrier
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It saddens us to view this feedback and we'd certainly regret losing you as our customer. The LG Wing is a very reliable device and hearing that you've experienced problems with it, is not th experience we want for you. Having a working device is very important. I'd be disappointed too if I were experiencing issues with my device. We've also noted your feedback about no wanting to receive a warranty replacement phone.


May I ask if there was there hands-on troubleshooting assistance provided for your phone? We'd like to continue being your wireless service provider for many more years to come.-Robert C.